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Complete Grammar Book - Part 1

Complete Grammar Book - Part 1

Digital Product

The first part of my grammar book series, which simplifies grammar for those who struggle with it, is now available for purchase. After years of studying students' difficulties in understanding English grammar, I have gathered insights and found ways to simplify the subject. This approach helps students write, speak, and understand spoken and written English more effectively.

My digital product includes a book with explanations and examples of grammatical structures, accompanied by a workbook that consists of numerous exercises for practicing these structures. The workbook also includes an answer key. The book contains 90 pages of explanations, and the workbook with the answer key is 200 pages long.

As an English teacher, I have seen how a lack of proficiency in English grammar can affect candidates' ability to use strategies for passing formal English tests, either for immigration purposes or for academic requirements. Therefore, I believe my book can assist them in improving their grammar and ultimately enable them to use these strategies successfully.

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